Sky Trail ® Voyager

A Voyage Unlike Any Other

Patented, U.S. Patent No. 7,175,534

The Sky Trail® Voyager was developed to achieve maximum throughput while maintaining versatile placement options. This course is based off of 2 pole platforms arranged in a linear design, which allows for elements to be placed side-by-side. There are numerous layout options to fit your desired floor plans and area. The course has 1 entrance/exit per linear line and between 2-4 linear paths per level. This particular course can have up to 4 levels. The height for a single level is 20’, 32’ for a double level, 44’ for a triple level, and 56’ for a quad level. Additional poles and elements can be purchased at any time. TheSky Trail® Voyager can also be customized with one of four available options. Tropical, Pirate, African Safari & Western Frontier.

  • People per hour: Any capacity needed
  • Footing size: Custom engineered for your location; variables are geography, terrain, weather/wind, indoor or outdoor.
  • Number of operators: Minimum of 3
  • Course Height: 20’ for single, 32’ for double, 44’ for triple and 56’ quad level.
  • Platform height: Every 12’
  • Number of linear paths: 2-4 per level

Standard Features
  • Standard color scheme
  • Entrance/exit with fencing
  • Elements
  • Appropriate amount of harnesses
  • Appropriate amount of sling lines
  • Appropriate amount of emergency take-down kits
  • Appropriate amount of harness racks
  • Final course inspection and certification
  • Operator training at Ropes Courses, Inc.
  • Operator trainer training at Ropes Courses, Inc. after operator has 160 hours of operational experience
  • Maintenance and inspection training after 1 year of course operation during first paid inspection
  • 1 year warranty on structure and paint

Color Options - Click for detailed view
Additional Options
  • Custom color scheme or blacklight (Indoor only)
  • Additional harnesses, sling lines, emergency take-down kits and/or harness racks
  • Theme choices: Tropical, Pirate, African Safari and Western Frontier
  • Galvanized
  • Delivery
  • Installation team
  • Element track stops (deluxe or standard)
  • Operator training at your site
  • Operator trainer training at your site
  • Sky Tykes addition