Sky Trail ® Discovery

Introducing Our Entry Level Sky Trail® Product

Patented, U.S. Patent No. 7,175,534

The Sky Trail® Discovery was invented in 2009. This is our entry level course, which can be configured in numerous layouts to fit your floor plan. The poles form an equilateral triangle and we currently have courses designed from 3 poles to 10 poles. Elements are installed between each pole and you have a choice of 1 or 2 entrances/exits. The course is just under 20' tall, which means the course will fit in buildings with 20' ceiling heights. Additional poles and elements can be purchased at any time. The course can be placed indoors or outdoors. Installation instructions/drawings are provided and a final inspection is performed by an Ropes Course, Inc. representative.

  • People per hour: 30-100 depending on size of course.
  • Footing size: Indoor standard floor or 18” footer for outdoor installation.
  • Number of operators: Minimum of 2
  • Course Height: 20’
  • Platform Height: 12’
  • *Can have operations under the course as long as activity is no higher than 8’6

Standard Features
  • Standard color scheme
  • Entrance/exit with fencing
  • Elements
  • Appropriate amount of harnesses
  • Appropriate amount of sling lines
  • Appropriate amount of emergency take-down kits
  • Appropriate amount of harness racks
  • Final course inspection and certification
  • Operator training at Ropes Courses, Inc.
  • Operator trainer training at Ropes Courses, Inc. after operator has 160 hours of operational experience
  • Maintenance and inspection training after 1 year of course operation during first paid inspection
  • 1 year warranty on structure and paint

Color Options - Click for detailed view
Additional Options
  • Additional harnesses, sling lines, emergency take-down kits and/or harness racks
  • Galvanized
  • Delivery
  • Installation team
  • Element track stops (deluxe or standard)
  • Operator training at your site
  • Operator trainer training at your site
  • Sky Tykes addition