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Ropes Courses, Inc. has many proprietary systems in place that address safety within the product design. Our adventure courses have been service proven with millions of cycles. We have an excellent safety record. All of our courses are fully engineered and can be built to meet amusement standards for your area. The participant safety system consists of a full body harness with a lanyard attached. The proprietary lanyard slides into the continuous belay tracking system. This lanyard is setup so that if a participant slips from an activity, they only are a few inches from the activity and therefore can step back on the apparatus and continue to move through the course. All participants are hooked into a proprietary safety system before they leave the ground. They cannot unhook themselves from the system until they are back on the ground.

return on investment.

In a Pay-to-Play market, you should expect payoff in less than one year if your site has appropriate traffic. We can help you choose the appropriate course for your specific site and help you with your business plan.

installation and inspection.

Ropes Courses, Inc. offers flexible options for installing the course. If you have the resources, you can install the course yourself. Engineered plans are included. We can send a company representative to supervise or assist in the installation of the course once it is at your location. All equipment and tools needed to install the course are your responsibility.  Ropes Courses, Inc. is a full service provider and can send a crew to install the course once it is at your location. Ropes Courses, Inc. will supply all tools and equipment necessary to install the course. All travel expenses for our crew are included in the price.  A full technical inspection is required after installation and before the course is operational. The inspection makes sure all installation procedures were followed and that the course is installed properly. A course certificate is issued if the course passes inspection. Ropes Courses, Inc. offers a training to teach your skilled staff how to inspect the course properly and according to the standards we have set as the manufacturer. Trainings are offered at regular intervals during the year. Once your staff have successfully completed this training you can perform the annual inspection yourself. There is a fee to attend the training and a nominal yearly fee to record your paperwork.


Ropes Courses, Inc. offers technical training. During the training your staff will be trained by a Ropes Courses, Inc. Instructor trainer to learn how to operate the course and learn how to train your staff to operate the course. Trainings are offered at regular intervals during the year. The initial training is included in the course price. There is a nominal fee to record the trainees, trained by your staff.